Signature Safes by HARTMANN TRESORE prove that safes need not only be beautifully secure, but also beautiful by design.


Signature Safes by HARTMANN TRESORE combines over 150 years of traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art security technology. Our jewellery and watch safes are made to the sophisticated German and European security standards. The high levels of protection against burglary and fire are thoroughly tested and approved by independent certification institutes – such as VdS Schadenverhütung, Cologne, or European Certification Body (ECB-S), Frankfurt.

To ensure that strict security standards are upheld and further developed, HARTMANN TRESORE is a member of the ESSA- European Security Systems Administration. As a leading force behind the international association, we make sure that our Signature Safes are at the forefront of security development. 

Our rigid quality assurance engineers ensure every product maintains our highest quality standards so you get the premium quality product you should expect. 

A safe that fits – only to you.

Signature Safes by HARTMANN TRESORE are tailored to your needs, offering highly customisable safes and strongrooms to the specific size and format you require.

For your desired finish, choose from a wide range of colour options- whether in high-gloss, fine wood, or delicate paintwork. 

The interior of your Signature Safe is also tailor-made to your specification and style. Configure the layout of drawers, watch winders, compartments, and shelves in a wide variety of wood types, fabrics, leather, velvet and Alcantara and of course in any colour that fits to you.

Combine your favourite design with features such as LED lighting, locks and alarm systems of your choice.

Whatever design you create, each Signature Safe is certified, meeting insurance company requirements to guarantee that your most treasured values are protected.

Bespoke to your wishes – fortified to the core.

The ultra-strong centrepiece of each Signature Safe is built according to state-of-the-art technology. Each safe is industrially manufactured from high-strength steel, achieving multi-level penetration protection.

The impermeable core is customised by our master artisans with close attention to detail. Our experienced group of designers, metal workers, wood shop craftsmen and upholsterers ensure the highest levels of excellence throughout the whole manufacturing process.

The teams unique specialised skills and knowledge are used to hand-craft your bespoke Signature Safe. 

The result is the embodiment of individuality and security where your belongings are kept safe by your own unique design.

Quality to rely on – service to trust.

When it comes to keeping your valuables secure, HARTMANN TRESORE is a partner you can trust.

For over 150 years we have been honing and crafting our ability to combine innovative ideas with specialist expertise and experience. As over 200,000 satisfied customers to date can confirm, this combination is one you can rely on.

Starting at the earliest stage, confidentiality is our highest priority, including your data as well as consultancy and delivery. Our team is renowned for its years of experience and discretion. Trained and certified service technicians are on hand to assist in case of any issue, so you can rest assured your valuables will stay secure and remain only accessible by you.

Your treasures – in safe hands.

Let your imagination soar, and together we will bring your dreams to life.

Find inspiration from the examples and samples shown on this website. Let our trained experts help you, we are happy to assist you in creating your ideal safe. And always keep in mind: With Signature Safes, only the sky’s the limit.


Do you have any questions, requests or suggestions? Give us a call. We will take care of your request as soon as possible and are more than happy to arrange a date to learn more about your individual Signature Safe.